Due to a high volume of unwanted spam from Chinese wholesalers trying to sell me stuff, I am no longer displaying my direct email here. You will have to use the contact form (which is located conveniently on every item listing page in my store so that it's very easy to find) to get in touch with me. Just click on any item that I have for sale to pull up the listing page, and you will find the link to the contact form on the upper right side of the page next to my feedback score. The link is displayed as "Ask Seller A Question". Thank you for understanding.

PRIVACY POLICY: Your name, email address, phone number, and shipping address will be kept private and never shared with anyone when you order from Tiger Creek. You will not be signed up for any marketing or mailing lists. I do NOT have access to your financial and payment information when you order. The only info I see when you fill out the order form during checkout is your name, mailing address, and contact email.

RESPONSE TIMES: Please allow a few hours for a response to your email. If ordering late at night please wait until the following morning for a response. This is a small family owned business, so the store owner has a family schedule to follow in addition to running the store. Thank you for understanding.